June 27, 2022

Positive Impact of ISO 45001 on supply chain

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Given how businesses today operate globally with various communication channels instilling a worldwide nature among them, ISO OHSMS 45001 2018 has pretty amazing benefits to those organizations as well which have global supply chains.

So how can these standards improve businesses with a global supply chain?

It is going to easily combine your quality, environmental and health objectives to the processes within a combined management system. Otherwise too, this alone can have a great positive impact on global supply chain.


The basic motivation of a global supply chain is to offer customers spread across the world, a satisfactory and quality product or service. With its target to maintain the safety, health and well-being of employees,  IOSH managing safely training can serve to be helpful in implementing ISO 45001 throughout the worldwide supply chain.

In recent years, most of the international organizations have used this model. The results can be a set f multiple outcomes; enhanced productivity, increased levels of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty etc.


For any global organization to be successful, strategic, intelligent planning and a proactive approach towards risk analysis is a must have. It will not only prevent daily mishaps it will also help to take contingency measures for major setbacks.

Encouraging a work culture based upon being risk averse, works globally as much as it works locally, taking into account the legalities of different countries.


In a lot of cases, your ability to adhere to customer satisfaction is as strong as your frailest link. Therefore, giving correct information to employees, training them properly and instilling adequate knowledge is extremely critical through various parts of the supply chain.

Your effectiveness can be a measure of how well your global supply chain is supported throughout. Hence, implementing an equal level of awareness through all parts of your global supply chain is worth your investment and time, as it will subsequently result in increased efficiency.

Continual Improvement

This is the fundamental concept on which all the ISO standards are based. The factor of continuous improvement applies to both, smaller business units and global supply chains. Achieving continuous improvement by fulfilling different targets for any business unit is worth an applause but if other parts of the global supply chain underperform the given targets, striving towards continuous improvement, then it can prove to be futile. It is the whole system which needs to continuously improve to remain competitive in today’s market.

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