July 27, 2021

5 Tips On Choosing Your Elevator Contractor

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When you are constructing a tall structure, you need to keep in mind the issue of elevation and how people will be able to go from one floor to another. Thus, the help of a trusted elevator contractor is needed.

Given the importance and complexity of building elevation, it is a must that you find the right contractor that will handle the project and get the job done. If you are a building contractor looking for an elevator supplier or a building owner looking for a new elevator contractor, here are some tips that might help you out:

  • Determine the size and loading capacity

The first order of business when you are looking for an elevator in Dubai, you need to specify first your estimated loading capacity and the elevator size. It would be best to ask your building contractor about this. The standard size would be 3 ft x 4 ft, but there are bigger sizes available depending on what your structure requires. Be sure to take note your maximum loading capacity and other features that you are looking for in an elevator.

  • Check out potential contractors

Once you determined your elevator requirements, the next step would be is to scout for potential contractors that would handle the project. When you are looking for an elevator contractor, be sure to factor in these things: the manufacturer’s reputation, their expertise, the model of their elevators, and customization options.

  • Set an initial meeting

Seeing the skills of your prospective elevator contractors online is one things, but you can make a decision once you talk to them and hear out their bids and pitches. So be sure to list down questions that you can ask to potential elevator contractors and bidders. It would be best to bring someone knowledgeable about the subject matter so you will be able to follow the conversation.

  • Know their price range

Elevators can be pricey, but getting a quality one will be worth every penny. You need to take into account the safety features of the equipment. Try to allot more budget into elevator installation.

  • Do not forget about maintenance and warranty

Speaking of safety, be sure to ask about the elevator’s warranty and maintenance and if this is part of the package. It is important that you pick a contractor who would provide such services when you need it.

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