June 7, 2023

5 Hacks To Keep Your Dental Braces Sturdy

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Braces and aligners are great way to create certain dental problems like teeth misalignment and jaw problems. Most dental patients who go for treatment like braces in Dubai can testify who it helped them solved their dental issues.

However, you also need to give your braces some TLC to ensure that they can serve their purpose and not cause any complications. Here are some braces-care hacks that you need to remember when you have dental braces:

  1. Avoid chewing hard food


One of the number one enemies of dental patients wearing braces are hard food. Braces might be made of sturdy material but they can wear out over time if you constantly chew hard food like nuts, candies and ice. As much as possible, go for soft and easy to chew food and dishes. If you can’t help it, try to breakdown the food into smaller and softer pieces.


  1. Increase your water intake

It is important for you to take good care of your mouth and teeth when you are wearing braces and veneers in Dubai. Water can help keep your mouth moisturized, preventing mouth injuries cause by the braces. Water can also help wash out dirt and other food debris that are stuck between the teeth and the braces. So be sure to drink water every other meal or anytime that you have the chance. This habit can do wonders for your dental health.

  1. Stay away from gums


Chewing a gum is as bad a chewing hard food and dishes. Remnants of the gums might stuck between your braces, making it hard to remove. The sugar content of the gum can also damage your teeth and compromise your braces. It would be best to avoid chewing gum at all cost until your braces will be removed.


  1. Use the right cleaning gears


When you are wearing braces, you need to exert extra effort to keep it clean. A simple toothbrush and floss would not do. Level up your dental regimen by investing on braces-cleaning gears. Your orthodontist would probably provide you with a kit. Be sure to bring this cleaning kit with you.


  1. Do not miss an appointment

Braces need to be adjusted on a regular basis to avoid discomfort and also correct your misalignment the right way. Be sure to attend your scheduled appointments to ensure that your braces are properly adjusted.


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