June 27, 2022

When should I go see an eye specialist?

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Are you suffering from discomfort in the eyes? If you can get rid of your discomfort by washing the eye with fresh running water or by resting a bit by closing your eyes, then it is highly recommended for you to get checked by the best eye specialist in Dubai as soon as possible. Yes, if you are experiencing a high level of discomfort in your eyes, then visiting the specialist is best for you.

Given below is a bit of information about the symptoms for which you should consider visiting an eye doctor right away:

Your night vision has gone bad

Believe it or not, but disturbed vision at night or night blindness is considered one of the most definite symptoms of cataract. You may not notice this particular symptom with adequate lighting around you, but the fact is that it will make it extremely hard for you to drive at night. In such a scenario, you might actually even end up needing someone’s help to go to the bathroom at night when the lights are turned out. If this is what you are going through right now, then make sure that you visit an eye specialist right away.

Double vision

There are many different abnormalities of the eyes that you are at risk for if you are having double vision. The different conditions that you might be experiencing are inclusive of amblyopia or lazy eye, monocular double vision and astigmatism to name a few. All of these conditions are related to damage that might have occurred on the cornea. This deems it necessary for you to visit an eye specialist if you are experiencing double vision.

Eye infection

It is not recommended at all for you to self-diagnose any problems that you might be experiencing with your eyes. The fact is that you are not qualified or skilled enough to know what treatments to administer and which medicines to use. You require the expertise of a skilled doctor to figure out what is going on. Just like you would visit a dermatologist in Dubai for your skin conditions, it is necessary for you to visit an eye specialist if you are having an infection in the eyes.

No matter what sort of a discomfort it is that you are having with or in your eyes, it is highly recommended for you to get it checked by a specialist to sort it out and get proper treatment for it.

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