August 18, 2022

Dogs Make Boys into Real Men: This is why Dog Lovers make the Best Boyfriends

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There are only two kinds of dog owners: the dog lover and the indifferent one. Where does your guy stand?  They say that how a guy cares for his dog is a reflection of the man he truly is. When a man truly knows how to care for his dogs, that guy is capable of caring and loving someone other than himself.

It takes commitment, dedication, love, time and effort to truly care for dogs – all of which are the vital elements needed in every relationship, especially romantic relationships.

Here are just some of the reasons you need a guy who loves dogs in your life. Having a dog requires:

  • DEEP SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY. Anyone who knows how to take care of their dogs well knows how to be responsible. Keeping a dog healthy is not an easy feat to accomplish. iIt takes love, effort, time, commitment and devotion to keep dogs healthy and happy at the same time. A guy that knows how to treat their dogs with love is a guy that’s capable of handling relationships in a mature way.
  • PATIENCE. Anyone with a dog knows that having a dog takes patience, or requires it. Puppies need a lot of time and training to learn, and especially if you’ve got quite a hyper-active one, expect to see patience being exercised.
  • ACTIVE LIFESTYLE. Almost all dogs need time for walking and playing to expend all the excess energy they have in their bodies. This need encourages their owners to have an active lifestyle as well.

A guy who knows how to love and care for their dogs speak volumes about that guy’s character because here’s how having a dog makes boys better men in their relationships:

  • They learn how to become strong. It takes a stronger personality to prove who the alpha truly is. Having a dog encourages the owner to learn the art of being firm and strong in their decisions. This is an extremely important trait to have in every relationship, because it goes to show that when a guy knows what he wants, he will be strong enough to show it and lead others as well.
  • They learn to clean up their mess. Any house that has a dog could get real messy in no time. For pet owners, this means disaster when left unattended. Having a dog pushes any owner to clean up after their dogs’ mess. It serves as a catalyst for guys to learn this simple art of maintaining cleanliness at all times.
  • They learn how to express themselves better. Dogs have that innate character of expressing their love and affection without any hesitation. Any guy with a dog learns how to express themselves better to another person via the example set.
  • They learn to plan. Any man with a dog must learn to plan everything and learn how to stick with it. A guy who knows how to commit to a plan is a guy who will make sure to finish.
  • They learn LOYALTY. Remember the movie Hachiko? No more words needed for this, but this is all the reason you’ll ever need to know you’re better off with a guy who loves dogs.
  • They learn unconditional love. How can any person care for their dog and not learn unconditional love? Anyone with a dog of their own knows that having a dog teaches you the true meaning of being unconditional. Dogs have their own way of expressing their love in a way that teaches you to love them back the same way. They say that having a dog will help bring out the best in people, especially the art of loving someone because it teaches you how to love someone without expecting anything in return.

Knowing that a guy knows how to handle responsibility well, speaks volumes about the guy’s character. These traits and values that having a dog develops in their owners provide every reason guys who love their dogs have the most mature relationships in life. Dogs not only teach us to become better people – they also teach us the true meaning of unconditional love.

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